Jordan Acker Anderson’s interest in social justice motivates the imagery within her compositions. She uses personal iconography to explore intentions for peace and reconciliation. Painting allows her to explore our impermanence and legacy. She brings observations of unjust social systems into her studio practice to create hopeful rebuttals and petitions.
For example, Rebuttal: 20 Minutes of Action x Twenty is a meditation on the words of Brock Turner’s father from the 2016 sexual assault case in California. Brock Turner’s father asked the judge to show leniency for his son over “twenty minutes of action,” which would be more accurately described as twenty minutes of horrific violence. In twenty painting sessions of twenty-minute meditations, the work was created as a vigil for the survivor.

Her work establishes order and harmony through repetitious patterns of shape. She describes herself as a colorist, meaning she likes to explore color through: vibrancy, proximity, temperature and varying levels of opacity. Typically, she creates shallow spaces that are filled with dense, complex arrangements of shapes that ultimately become harmonious fields of information. Repetitious marks, pattern and texture evoke the quality of a shrine due to the accumulation of information.
Acker Anderson uses painting as a way to personally reflect and consider our current local and global culture. She creates visual records with personal symbols on a single plane that are reminiscent of woven tapestries. Painting becomes an act of meditation or a means to transform unruly information into an exploration of interconnectedness. She likes to describe her work as residing in the category of symbolic abstraction.
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